Undocu Spark Lab

As the first of its kind, the Undocu Spark Lab is a business incubator specifically for undocumented and immigrant artists and creative entrepreneurs. 

The incubator is an opportunity for entrepreneurs to immerse themselves in a year-long fellowship that will help them launch their businesses and create a plan for sustainable growth. They receive physical space to work, weekly 1-on-1 mentorship and coaching with Francisco Donoso, and bi-monthly access to a variety of other mentors, investors, coaches and leaders. They also receive a one time grant of $5000 to invest in their businesses, as well as media, PR, networking opportunities, and a launch event. 

The Undocu Spark Lab will be launching fully in January 2022 with our first fellows! Sign up for our newsletter on the homepage and stay up to date on the Lab as we get closer to the launch! 

 Want to get involved? Questions? Send us an email below!