Donoso Studio is an immigrant-powered design studio specializing in uniquely handcrafted art objects, and archival prints.

Hey! I’m Francisco Donoso, and I launched my brand Donoso Studio in the fall of 2020 to amplify immigrant brilliance, and help consumers become change-makers. My love for the home comes from my own story of migration and my search for belonging. I believe that home is not a place, its a gut feeling you have when you find belonging anywhere you go. Art and design moves us closer to that feeling, and Donoso Studio is on a mission to help make that happen. 

We create high quality and unique products such as handmade art objects, and archival art prints to bring meaning into design. We value the “artist-hand” and trust the studio-based process to guide the production from start to finish, making every object a distinguished work of art. 

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